Gurukul Education Vs School

Human brain tends to change and synchronizes itself according to circumstances. I have seen this when iam exploring myself at “Kala Ashram”. A place where i met many intellectuals with different thoughts and ideologies along with different set of religions, age group etc. People meet here to learn, engage and share. Guruji  shares his experiences in the past, how system used to be and how it used to work etc. Learning comes when we have something in our brain which is eating to explore.

Here i have seen a different world which may be a replica of once upon a time in India. The system is set in such a way, one who visits will feel like he is in some Gurukul.

I don’t know whether we do have similar places any where in India, but in a life time i have experienced it. We shared various views related to the Systems that used to be existed in India, different types of rulings, starting from colonial rule to present system. One realizes what we used to be and what we have lost in life due to modernization and liberalization of course even though it bought development, but still it exploited the culture and customs prevailing according to our Indian System or ecology. So many customs, culture are getting extinct due to present day chaos. Can we get rid of this ? Can we safe guard ourselves ? Can we identify solution ?

Since few days i was reading in many news papers, magazines and Internet articles about Indian Education opened new vistas by allowing foreign universities to set up their campuses within India. I was in a dilemma are we lost some where ?

The concept of School came in the minds of British only after seeing the Gurukul System in India, It is our Vedas gave solutions and thought process for scientific innovation and development, and today we are in a state of extinct.

I accept that foreign universities like Harvard’s, MIT, Yale, CMU etc had lot of intellectual capital and research base, but in my opinion these universities should have collaboration campuses with Universities and affiliated or extension campuses with private colleges. This would bring exchange of knowledge and even development of the Education considering world as global village.

Here i would like to add some information with regards to the various educations systems that used to exist in Indian system, we used to have Pottery, Painting, Clay toys, Bamboo toys, music etc. these are not treated as a course list in any education institute ( Music &  Dance is  exceptional). These used to be learnt by the traditional family persons and those were exploited in Industrial revolution, now we could not even see a person who knew those. Pre-British our education system was totally different, infact Britishers could break the Indian jinx and could rule us for 150 years only after disturbing our Indian Education system.

I would share few snaps with regards to “Kala Ashram” where i could see some Gurukul is still prevailing in India.

Published by Lalith Kumar

Lalith Kumar Vemali specialist in architecting networking communities while leveraging his knowledge & skills in creating branding, social media, web development and web 2.0 infrastructures for educational development. He’s also the founder of knowledgeavenues which is into education development through networking and education consulting. Here he tries to built network among colleges and universities and tries to create brand space through knowledge networking, social media, emerging media, technology, VC space and tries to cross-leverage the intersection between all these in our culture and business to understand, dissect and hence create highly engaged & frictionless experience for education audiences across the globe. Working on various researches like in identifying new paradigms in education development through ICT and also into pre-british and post-british education system in India. Apart from these, he is working as Functional Consultant for Hitachi Consulting. Worked on various Applications like Siebel CRM, Oracle Ondemand CRM, Oracle CRM, Salesforce CRM, Zoho CRM etc. Before that, he also had a brief yet enriching stint at Renaitree Software Pvt Ltd as HR Generalist. Before jumping into the corporate alleys, he earned his Engineering in Electrical & Electronics discipline and MBA in Human Resource. He is also a Six Sigma Green belt certified consultant. Usually you’ll find his few articles in online magazines which includes Technology, HR, Branding, Business, Networking etc. Currently, he resides in Hyderabad and some of the places he’s been last seen are various E-summits and Tweetups for sure. He is part of TATA Jagriti Yatra - Awakening the Entrepreneurial. An ambitious train journey of discovery and transformation that takes hundreds of India's highly motivated youth on an 18 day national odyssey.

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