Empowering Young Minds – Design Thinking way

With exponential growth in the industry and the emergence of technologies, the need for skilled professionals is also increasing. The evolution of technologies is changing the dynamics of the industry and staying relevant with the necessary skills is the need of the hour.

In order to inculcate analytical ability, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, ideation & innovation among Freshman engineering students, Geethanjali College of Engineering and Technology, Cheeryal Village, Keesara Mandal had conducted 2-day workshops each on Design Thinking & Agile spread across 15 days. Around 270 young minds underwent Design Thinking & Agile way of looking to solve problem statements.

Around 33 students’ ideas are been guided in a Design Thinking & Agile way. This workshop gave students hands-on experience in creating empathy maps, idea evaluation, creating customer journey maps, persona, prototype creation, and testing the concept/product.

Some of the standout Projects include

Foodicted, FarmConnect, My Dream Homez, Sanjeevani 777, Desi Edibles, LevelUp, Eco Era, Athidi Devobhava & Yolo

These ideas have real potential and focused on customer experience with a human-centered approach to Innovation. Each idea itself is unique in solving the customer needs of a Farmer, Retailer, Working professional, common man, Traveller, Fitness freak, Health freak, environment enthusiast, etc.

It was heartening to see young minds with an innovative bent and mindset. Special Thanks to Geethanjali College Teaching & Non-teaching staff for making this successful in a seamless way.


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